Column: Decisions, decisions, decisions

There's no denying that having a new baby come into your life is exciting '“ albeit exhausting and nerve wracking, particularly if it is your first child.

It’s an amazing time, but for me one of the trickiest things of all occurs before the little one has even entered the world.

It’s something I feel is a huge responsibility and it’s definitely not something you want to get wrong as your wee bundle of joy will have to live with it for the rest of their life. It’s the name game.

If you ask me, choosing a name for another human being is a very difficult decision. What if you pick one that they really dislike when they are older?

There are so many out there to consider where do you start. Do you go with something traditional or unique? Do you go for one of those in the top baby name charts, or are they too popular?

Do you constantly want your child to have to spell their name to everyone they meet? If you go for something a little more unusual, is it just a trend and will it go out of fashion?

Then I find myself thinking that some names suit a little baby, but I can’t imagine a person in their 70s with that name and vice versa.

At the time of writing, the name of the newest member of the royal family has not yet been announced. There’s been a lot of speculation over what the prince might be called with Arthur and Albert among the favourites with the bookies.

At least for William and Kate their decision must be a little bit easier as they are no doubt fairly restricted to quite traditional names. It narrows down the list of possibilities a little.

But wouldn’t it be great if they did go for something a bit different – imagine Prince Tiger or Prince Storm.