Column '“ Cash in my pocket if I'd kept tiny toys

Were the good old days really better?Were the good old days really better?
Were the good old days really better?
It's that time of year when we're all inclined to have a bit of a clear out. Between Emma and I there have been several trips to charity shops and Roughmute amenity tip.

I’ve been clearing out my wardrobe of thing that I’m unlikely to wear again – and those who ask ‘because they don’t fit?’ may well be right, while she has been getting rid of the toys and clothes the children have outgrown.

Or at least that was the case till I saw the story about how valuable some toys have become.

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I was straight on the phone to her after reading about the potential gold mine we may have in our cupboards.

“Do you still have any of your Polly Pockets?” I almost screamed down the phone.

“Hello to you too, mum. Why would I still have Polly Pockets?

“I’ve not played with them since I was about ten!”

“Yes,” I quickly replied, “but you loved them. We were always making trips to Woolies so you could spend your pocket money on them.

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There was a silence down the phone line, then she said: “Mum, rewind to what I just said. I’ve not played with Polly Pockets since I was about ten ...”

“But they could be worth over £7000!”

Now I’ve got her attention.

For anyone who doesn’t have a clue what on earth we’re talking about Polly Pocket was a (very) tiny doll which came in a case which fitted in your pocket – hence the name.

She had lots of friends and a dog if I remember right, which were all on the miniscule side.

However, during the 90’s little girls like Emma loved them and they were big business.

However, now it seems that they could be worth a fortune.

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Sets have been changing hands for over £7500 – for a tiny toy!

“Hate to disappoint you mother but I think you made me pack them all up for the charity shop when I went to high school. Your words were probably ‘what’s the point of them lying in a cupboard collecting dust’ ...,” said Emma.

“Well it was very unusual for you to listen to me,” I retorted with a dawning realisation that I did say that.

And sadly not only about Polly Pocket, but her Barbie dolls and Gary’s Action Man figures – and all their other toys.

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“Who on earth has space to keep all these things,” I whined.

“Someone who is forward thinking,” she replied.

“Well lets have a look through those bags of toys before you take them to the charity shop – it might pay for my retirement!”

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