Column: Birthday gifts welcomed...

Strathcarron Hospice's 37th birthday took place on April 21, and we have been overwhelmed with two very special birthday gifts given to us by supporters.

Our corporate partner, Avant Homes, paid for the full day of Hospice Care as a gift. The Hospice running costs now stand at £12,900 every day of the year and colleagues Avant Homes have been fundraising for a considerable amount of time to achieve their ‘Pay for the Day’.

Staff from the housebuilders were welcomed to the Hospice to celebrate their fundraising success and see first-hand just how their generous donation is put to work.

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Our second generous birthday gift received came in the form of an individual who chose to cover the Hospice@Home service costs for a whole week. Every day we spend £600 on this service, looking after terminally ill people in their own home and allowing them to die at home, surrounded by everyone and everything they love.

We currently employ six Hospice@Home nurses and care assistants, predominantly looking after people in the last two weeks of life and to cover the cost of this care our very generous supporter gifted £4200.

When asked why he had chosen to pay for the Hospice@Home service he put it very simply by saying: “At the end of life when we feel at our most vulnerable and helpless, to be able to make that choice of remaining in our own homes, surrounded by our family, friends and familiarity, is immeasurable and a great gift which the Hospice@Home service from Strathcarron provides.”

The Hospice@Home nursing team make this a reality for our patients and families every day; making every moment count.