Column: Being coy about my details over phone

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At the risk of being a jinx, my driving record is really quite good. And I’m not talking about the speeding tickets that I’ve managed to avoid over the years, but my accident record.

Claims on my insurance over the last ... well, I’ll leave the number of years up to your imagination, they’ve been minimal.

Someone once took a corner too tight as I waited at traffic lights and swung his (very large) truck into the front of my little car. We both lived to tell the tale and after some repair work, she was good as new – yes all my cars are she, that’s what makes them reliable!

There’s also been a couple of chipped windscreens but, touch wood, nothing else.

So can someone please explain to me that at least once a week if not more, I get complete strangers phoning me up talking about the motoring accident I’ve had and how they can help me make a claim?

It’s ludicrous not to mention very annoying.

Usually I just hang up. Occasionally I tell them to go away and I must confess, once I kept the conversation going telling them how bad my ‘accident’ had been and what could they do about it.

But honestly, most of the time all I find them is a real inconvenience.

I’m not sure if they ever find some poor soul who has had an accident and is looking for help making a claim. But after talking to friends, I’m not sure anyone ever gives them the time of day.

I suppose we really should feel sorry for people who are forced to take on this type of job. Well I would if some of them weren’t so persistent and pushy.

What really annoys me is to think that old people could be taken in by them.

Then there are the ones wanting you to send some money then they will be able to release a large sum of ‘funds’ that you have just inherited or won.

I’m always reminding my mum that she has to hang up the phone if she ever gets these cold callers. I don’t think she would ever be taken in but you just never know.

There is always the warning tale of some old buddy who has been fleeced out of their live savings by con artists.

I do wonder how it happens but I suppose it is easy to get drawn in by smooth talkers.

Which brings me back to those people phoning up about my supposed car accident.

Where do they get my information from in the first place?

If someone can ‘sell’ them my name and phone number, I worry what other details are on offer to the highest bidder.