Column: All things bright and beautiful ...

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Let’s face it, we all like a good moan, don’t we? And I’m as guilty as anyone – there’s nothing like a good rant to make you feel better, I often think.

But sometimes, it pays to look on the bright side – 
especially when it gets to the point when all we seem to do is moan.

I had my epiphany while I was out walking a friend’s dog last week – a disobedient little scamp who is only still alive due to her heart-melting expression when we finally caught her.

Yes, she led us a merry dance, but she did take me into a place I haven’t visited for a long time – the small park behind Camelon Bowling Club.

To be honest, it’s a place I’ve always associated with soggy ground and vandalism.

But a large part of it has now been transformed into a beautiful wild flower meadow and it really lifted my spirits to see it.

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It made me think about how small changes really can make a big difference.

Not only is that small meadow - now past its best, of course, but still lovely - a pleasant thing for us to look at, it’s also providing a home for bees and other buzzy creatures .

I’m no expert, as you can gather, but I do know that without the pollinating expertise of these little guys, we’d be up a certain creek with no paddle.

Pollination is vital to maintain the delicate balance nature is so good at creating – and we’re so good at destroying.

That small splash of colour in Camelon is, of course, not the only one in the district.

Helix Park has some beauties and Bo’ness wildflower meadows are stunning, particularly in the height of summer.

It’s easy to be negative and there’s much to be negative about; too many people still don’t pick up after their dogs and who are these people who think it’s okay to drop Subway wrappers at their feet?

As we leave the park and walk back along the Forth & Clyde canal, I can see creeping signs of neglect.

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The lock gates are in a dreadful state - weeds sprouting everywhere - and whoever painted the fences does not have the steadiest of hands, I’m afraid.

But, no, today I’m going to focus on what’s good, like those wildflowers.

We see cute little moorhens, comical ducks, elegant swans and a heron who’s frightened of no-one.

I’ll be back moaning soon enough – so I’ll just enjoy looking on the bright side for a bit.