Clothing the Kelpies - whose idea is it anyway?

David Oliver
David Oliver

Last week’s story about the proposal to wrap the Steeple in a huge knitted Falkirk scarf did what it was supposed to do – it united the community of Falkirk fans.

However, not in the way the council leader and provost thought it might!

“It was my idea,”

“I said this first,”

“Oh aye the Provost came up with it on the way home from Hampden did he?”

Were responses from all over, and come to think of it I have a text message I sent to the commercial manager at the club - Kieran Koszary about four hours from full-time calling for a similar idea to the Kelpies one which did the rounds online last week.

From what’s been said though, it’s not going to happen.

There was a bit of furore around a publicity stunt on public art a year ago when a baguette was beamed onto the Angel of the North and committed ‘cultural vandalism’ according to some critics and ‘trivialised’ the artwork said the sculptor.

Figures behind the Facebook campaign have hit a brick wall in finding permission to attach some navy-blue neckwear on the sculptures, and well, you can see the point.

One month you drape a scarf from the horses’ heads to promote the cup final... then what do you do for the Tom Jones gig a couple of months later? With what is renown for being lobbed onto the stage at the Welshman’s concert, the notion of an over-sized PR stunt at the Helix landmark doesn’t bear thinking about.

The Steeple, doubling as the club’s crest is perhaps a good alternative. 

And another thing... Noticed significantly less pomp and ceremony about the Falkirk FC shirts for the new season this week after last year’s big launch.

No bizarre verbiage about quiet sophistication this time, but the simplicity has made for a nice pair of shirts devoid of all the advertising jargon that means so little and detracted from last year’s gear.

The shirts have pretty much sold themselves. Simple and effective. Navy blue shirt. White shorts.The fans have taken to it without the jargon.