Chronic lateness? It’s something to watch for

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

If you’re always running late and making excuses for yourself, why not try this’s a medical condition!

According to reports this week, Jim Dunbar from Forfar, has been diagnosed with chronic lateness after spending years turning up late for appointments, holidays and even funerals!

Apparently it’s linked to the part of the brain which causes ADHD and means Mr Dunbar cannot properly gauge how long things take to complete.

However, I’m not convinced!

I’m not a perfect time keeper myself, but I do always try and get places on time, even if I end up frazzled running around trying to get there!

It’s worse with the grandchildren in tow though – there’s always a nappy needing changed at the last minute, or a lost shoe/teddy/dummy which needs found.

Emma somehow manages to get them out every day with barely a hair out of place! 
My son Gary on the other hand is a complete nightmare.

It doesn’t help that he’s terrible at getting out of his bed in the morning. Ever since he was a wee boy it has been a nightmare getting him up for school. He always managed it on a Saturday for football training mind!

It was just as well he only ever had a couple of 9 a.m. lectures during his time at university or else he would never have graduated!

He will snooze his alarm repeatedly before finally jumping out of bed cursing that he’s going to be late.

His worst habit though is suddenly deciding to take on a task minutes before he needs to head out the door somewhere.

Many times over the years we’ve just been about to head off to go out for dinner or to a family party, only to discover he’s running late because he decided to clear out his wardrobe or he’s just making a new playlist to listen to in the car on the way there. It drives me crazy!

It’s not a medical condition though!

I think he, and the man in this news story, just need to get a move on.

Oh and maybe buy a watch!