Christmas viewed through the eyes of a child

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

Having a child has certainly revived my Christmas spirit.

More years than I care to remember have passed since I’ve lain awake a night hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa and, since then, the present-opening side of the day has largely taken a back seat to the Christmas dinner.

But all that’s changed as Calum has become more and more interested in the festive season.

Now, as the big day nears, I find myself getting more and more excited in anticipation of him opening his presents.

And I certainly wasn’t disappointed this year as Christmas Day dawned.

Obsessed with vehicles of all kinds – and particularly so if they happen to have broken down – for weeks now he’s had his eye on a car transporter.

Santa’s ears must have been worn out listening to his constant requests and, thankfully, his pleas answered.

To say he was delighted when he finaly unwrapped the parcel would be a massive understatement and it’s already won its place in his group of favourite toys.

For a moment I was transported back 30-odd years when my own innocent world was lit up when my pre-Christmas appeals paid dividends.