Christmas list gets bigger

Christmas can be a time of hardship rather than happiness. Picture: michael Gillen (110929)
Christmas can be a time of hardship rather than happiness. Picture: michael Gillen (110929)

Having children is challenging enough, but when your daughter is born on Christmas Day there’s extra hurdles to jump over to make sure she is the happiest little girl in the world on December 25.

This year she will be eight and her Christmas present list for Santa just grows and grows each year.

Apart from the Christmas presents, her mum and I also have to arrange a birthday party for her and her wee pals and have separate birthday presents too.

In years gone by I have had to borrow, which isn’t the wisest thing to do - see page 6 for reasons - but this year I’ve managed to secure some extra work that will pay for the present she really wants - an iPad!

“All of my friends have one,” she assures me. Aye right, sweetheart. I used to say that to my mum too when I wanted something that cost a few bob.

I thought I might get off lightly with a less expensive iPad Mini, but they are much too small apparently.

It’s a lot of money I know, but thankfully it’s manageable in my budget this year. She wants to go sledging at Braehead in Glasgow with a few her pals for her party too, which adds a little more expense than you would like to have at this time of year.

I can see how people do struggle at this time of year. It certainly won’t be, or has never been, a cake walk for me, but there is a real pressure these days from commercial marketing.

Every time a new toy advert comes on one of the kids’ channels it’s added to the list and I’m sure most of us have had those Christmases when we didn’t get what we want.

No parent wants to disappoint their child on Christmas day, but I’m not adding a whole load of debt on top of me to avoid it.