Christmas compromises but it’s still favourite time of year

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, so perhaps I’m a month and a half too early but it’s absolutely no secret how much I completely adore this time of year.

With Halloween just passed (my second favourite holiday to Christmas), the next two months see the world playing host to Bonfire Night, St Andrew’s Day and Christmas, not to mention Hogmanay and the beginning of a new year.

The next two months see more happening in the world than the previous ten, so you can understand why I’m excited.

However the festivities this year come with a twist for me – the world of work has welcomed me with open arms so I’m not too sure anymore just how much time I’ll actually spend celebrating.

I’ve spent the last 19 years of my life not having to worry about working on Christmas Day or having to make compromises because of my shift pattern.

Last year, the staff at the Canalside were lucky – we didn’t work on the 25th because the restaurant opened only three weeks before. This year however, we’ll be open over the whole of the festive period with our busy spell really kicking off mid-November.

Being in the same boat as my colleagues does have its minor drawbacks as over the next few months shift swapping should probably be avoided at all costs.

However, don’t assume that I’m not looking forward to working over the festivities!

The Canalside pulls out all the stops when it comes to themed and party nights.

Having a good laugh with my work mates, while making money, isn’t something I’d grumble about. Plus, I’ll only be working half of Christmas Day so I’ll still have time to spend time with my family.

So I am still very much looking forward to the holidays – albeit with a couple of compromises.