Changes as we cross borders

Kirsty Beaton.
Kirsty Beaton.

The Facebook post comparing the differences between Britain and America that went viral was bang on the money.

The US author noted the cultural differences across the pond in such trivial ways as our love of a hot and cold tap as opposed to a mixer and how our pubs are more ‘community living rooms’ than sports bars to frequent once in a blue moon.

Having just returned from Berlin, I’ve decided to make a similar list with our Germanic friends.

Public transport in Berlin is amazing, there are trains constantly and all the stations are modern and clean.

It’s a stereotype, but it seems the Germans really are efficient.

Many underground stations have no staff or ticket gates, so you’d think you can get away without buying a ticket but occasionally the ticket police get on and you’d regret not splashing out on the two euro fare. They jumped on our train and flashed their badges like a scene from a New York cop show.

These guys were worlds apart from your friendly Scotrail ticket inspector and looked like they could would pistol whip anyone that dared not have a ticket.

In Berlin, they have a far more relaxed attitude to drinking alcohol. It was totally acceptable to be drinking a on the U Bahn at 11am and no one seemed to care about the people lying in the squares boozing.

I once stepped off a train in Glasgow with a beer and was almost huckled to the ground by some cops at the station.

Bars in Berlin don’t seem to have any health and safety code or are even required to be particularly clean, They also don’t ever seem to close until the last person leaves. Amazing place to visit, but would be dangerous to stay.