Changed days with baby-sitting

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.

I remember the days BC – Before Calum – when organising a night out was simple. Basically you checked your diary and arranged a date.

Now, however, we’ve got to factor in childcare.

And, if it’s a family do, it gets even more complicated with the usual victms – sorry, babysitters – out of the equation as they are attending the same event.

Then you have to turn to any friends who owe you a favour and can be persuaded to look after your offspring for a few hours (or even overnight if you play your cards right).

I remember when I was of a similar age to Calum and my mum being a member of a ‘baby-sitting club’.

As far as I could tell, the idea was you earned points when you looked after someone else’s children and traded them in when you needed a baby-sitter yourself.

Obviously, it wasn’t random strangers who were in your circle but I doubt there was much vetting of members either.

Maybe such things still exist today but I doubt it. With the heightened awareness that currently exists I not sure many parents would be comfortable with such a set-up.