Celebrating the true spirit of Christmas

Just like it said on the tin, an old favourite got the lads along for the carol service at Larbert Old Church on Friday, December 6, along with officers, helpers, guests, charity representatives and members of the Falkirk & District Stedfast Association.

The difference from ‘‘before’’ was that not only were the members of the Junior and Anchor Sections there but they were joined by those from Company and Senior Sections as well.

The younger ones certainly seemed the more attentive to the Christmas story, interspaced with carols, but hopefully the older ones too may have benefited from the underlying message of giving at Christmas, just as we were given the gift of the Christ Child; like they, too, gave financially that night to Seasons and Maggie’s charities in the amount of £500 and in more immediately practical terms to the Falkirk Food Bank to ensure more Christmas cheer be offered to families in more difficult circumstances. Many of the members from most of the companies in the battalion were there and a boy from each of them shone out with a Christingle light in the darkness during a section of the worship. A symbol of the coming of the light to the world at Christmas. A lot of work, a lot of happy faces especially when further giving was evidenced by all receiving a selection box as they left. Well done everyone.

Earlier that day members of the Falkirk & District Stedfast Association had gathered at the Leapark Hotel in Grangemouth for their seasonal lunch and, true to form, fellowship, fun, photographs, exchanged greetings and stories helped prolong the repast. Happiness too was shared in the true spirit of the season as money was donated for the benefit of Strathcarron Hospice.

Yes for all officers and helpers in all companies it is a very busy time of year with many of the routine activities, week by week still going on alongside.

As Advent moves to the climax of the Saviour’s birth, best wishes to everyone.