Catching up with olden times

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I know I’m behind the times with most things, but I’ve literally been years behind getting on the ‘Downton’ Abbey bandwagon.

It’s one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen. Indeed, old chap, my obsession has been very bad for my health after watching the entire first series in two evening sittings.

I don’t watch soaps or anything like that so I love it when a good TV series comes on and captures my attention. Favourites of mine are ‘The Sopranos’, ‘24’ and ‘Modern Family’ (a comedy), but because ‘Downton’ (I drop the ‘Abbey’ when referring to it now because I’m in the know) was a period drama I thought I would hate it.

However, despite my antipathy to anything period or snobbery, it seems my snobbery towards snobbery has ironically taught me not to be such a snob, if you know what I mean.

I started watching it a couple of nights ago after signing up for a free month’s viewing on one of those online movie websites and was hooked by the second episode. The first night I stayed up until 1 a.m. before finally shutting down the laptop and the next evening it was 2 a.m. because I just couldn’t stop watching.

The best thing about it are the characters who are each strong enough to carry any scene.

There’s also brilliant storytelling, a simple but great plot, intrigue, scandal, love interests and affairs, sibling rivalry and treachery, heroism, thievery, chauvinism, outrageous snobbery and downright nastiness set in two different worlds - the rich one above the ground floor and the poor one in the servants’ quarters below.

So while I’m enjoying ‘Downton’, I’m walking about like a zombie with big bags under my eyes. Decent sleep required over weekend.