Cashing in on my return to the world of eBay

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I’ve recently become reacquainted with eBay, although this time as a seller rather than a buyer.

Drawers throughout my home are testament to my previous addiction to the shopping site. Thanks to it I’m the proud owner of all of the commemorative picture discs realeased by The Beatles ...

But I’m also the not-so-proud owner of a pair of Subbuteo goals (broken), a signed football shirt (several sizes too small) and an (incomplete) set of Star Wars bubblegum cards.

As well as the ‘prize’ at the end of it, what kept me going was the thrill of the chase.

My favoured tactic was to leave off making my offer until the last possible second in a bid to trump the previous highest bidder.

A successful operation left me with a feeling of elation ... which rapidly wore off when I realised what a lot of garbage I’d just spent my hard-earned cash on.

Now, however, I’ve raided my attic and am currently palming my rubbish off on someone else.

And the thrill’s still there.

As the clocked ticked down, a bidding war began as a prevously forgotten football programme suddenly became hot property.

And the £22.01 is definitely better in 
my pocket than theirs ...

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