Captain’s Column: Diets are like cars - you won’t get anywhere without guidance

David McCracken recommends taking guidance to steer your healthy resolution in the right direction
David McCracken recommends taking guidance to steer your healthy resolution in the right direction

I know it’s a bit late but I hope everyone has a great 2015 - Happy New Year!

With it being January there is of course the massive boom in people who want to curb their bad eating habits, start eating healthy and become more active to help them lose weight and feel better about themselves. With this in mind myself and my Herbalife distributors have been incredibly busy so far with a massive increase in people looking for nutritional advice and guidance to help them achieve their own personal wellness goals.

As wellness coaches we help, support and guide our clients to a better way of living through great nutrition with our products and other foods to help improve their daily eating habits, short term and long term helping educate them on what foods are best to eat and also when best to eat them.

Details of this can be found on my website (click here), where you will find some interesting factors on how certain foods can help everyday situations like gaining more energy, improve concentration and help you achieve any weightloss, management or weight gain targets you may have.

To achieve any weightloss, management or weight gain goals sometimes people can get confused and think they must start exercising to achieve this but actually the biggest part of doing this is through nutrition! It works out around 80% nutrition and 20% fitness to achieve any personal wellness goals, this is why it is key to making sure our daily eating habits are full of good clean, healthy regulars meals with a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

It may only be 20pc but it is vital to have this combination of nutrition and exercise together and we are doing this through our January Weightloss challenge where customers are evaluated at the start of the challenge then again at the end.

After also recently qualifying as a Level 3 Personal Trainer I understand just how hard it can be to achieve any sort of goals in weightloss and fitness. I would advise anyone out there who is considering taking on your own wellness goals, to seek the guidance and support of a fitness professional who can help you achieve this.

After all you wouldn’t drive a car without being shown how to do it would you, why should your body be any different? Feel free to contact me on my website (here) for additional advice.