Can a patience charter help?

Jennifer Marjoribanks
Jennifer Marjoribanks

Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, It’s seldom found in women, and never in a man!

My mum brings this little saying out quite often, especially when my son Alexander is around.

Now aged four, he is no good at waiting for anything - be it a trip to the park or bag of crisps, he will jump around with excitement until he gets it. This time of year makes it even worse - he has taken to asking every morning if Santa has been yet.

I do love Christmas though, and this year he is the perfect age for it - last year, he’d forgotten all about it when he woke up in the morning. No chance of that happening this year - I fear the next three weeks are going to be long ones.

Actually, on the subject of Christmas, if you’re stuck for a gift for a sports fan in your life, there are still a few copies available of the fabulous book which my very talented husband edited last year.

‘Henrik, Hairdryers and the Hand of God’ is a collection of sports stories written by some of the country’s top journalists. Over 70 contributed an article, free of charge for the book, which charts the stories behind the stories.

There are pieces about football, tennis, boxing - along with a mention of Falkirk’s controversial match in Holland against Rizespor - affectionately titled the ‘Battle of Dwingeloo’.

The book is dedicated to our baby son Andrew who was stillborn in September 2011, and all proceeds from sales go to Sands, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society. Brian also wrote an amazing foreword to the book and it really is a fantastic tribute to our boy. It is available on Amazon - a perfect stocking filler ... if you have the patience to wait that long to read it.