Burger joint that’s just the bee’s knees

Burger restaurant in Shandwick Place, Edinburgh
Burger restaurant in Shandwick Place, Edinburgh

Fast food should do what it says on the tin – be put in front of you shortly after you’ve ordered it. But that doesn’t mean it has to be short on flavour.

A visit to Burger in the capital city is a delight: a stylish, urban look with young, friendly staff, but most importantly fabulous food.

A short walk from Haymarket station at Edinburgh’s West End, this is a great place to dine, whether you are with friends or family, young or old, it has something to suit all.

This is the second to be opened by the company and follows the success of a similar venture at Fountainbridge. And after dropping in one Friday evening, it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about.

Unlike other restaurants in the fast food market it doesn’t have tables crammed together, so there is plenty of space for diners without that feeling that you are just about sitting on each other’s knees.

But now the most important part – the food. The clue to the menu is in the name Burger, but these are no ordinary dishes. We spent ages perusing the menu before finally deciding on a cheeseburger and chicken Katsu burger, with a helping of fries and chilli cheese fries on the side.

You order at the counter, where you also pick up your drinks and they give you one of these bleeper gadgets for you to go back and pick up your food when it is cooked. That’s a definite plus because you aren’t getting something that has been kept warm, rather something freshly prepared.

For those looking for a ‘grown up’ fast food meal, you can purchase wine and beer – although it is plastic wine glasses. But we all put up with them while dining al fresco, so why not here.

We didn’t have long to wait before collecting the order, I was certainly glad that I’d opted for a single cheeseburger as the 4oz Scottish beef burger served on a lightly toasted brioche bun and complete with cheese, tomato, pickle and special sauce was more than filling.

The Katsu chicken burger had a definite kick with wasabi mayo on the panko-crusted offering but was delicious and very moreish.

Burger boast its fries are made fresh every day from the best Russet potatoes. Very dry and crisp, they are certainly tasty, while the chilli cheese ones were so good I hardly got a chance to try them.

We were too full to even think of trying any of the desserts on offer but they look good and the speed with which they were devoured at the neighbouring table would appear to be testament to that.

Fine dining this isn’t but what is on offer is five-star burgers.