Break at home is just the tonic

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

It’s October break week and as you read this I will be sunning myself in a exotic beach location, with drink in hand.

Ok, I’m taking the grandkids to Ayr for a week in a caravan and the drink will most likely be tea, but a break is still a break.

As my daughter struggles to get off from work during school holidays, I don’t mind using my annual leave and putting on my babysitting 

But this is the first time I’ve ever braved taking the two of them away with only myself to play care giver, rule maker and, quite frequently, referee.

I originally planned on taking them somewhere warm and I headed to the travel agents a few months ago to get some travel guides.

After two hours of flicking through brochures and trying to decide where would be warm, but not too hot for their delicate skin, I thought I had the perfect island for young kids.

Armed with my favourite, and a few back ups, I braved the travel agents again. I know people say you can get better deals on the internet, but I’m very wary and would rather leave the holiday booking up to the experts.

Going by the guide prices in the brochures, I thought I knew roughly what I would be paying for one adult and two children, so my reaction when the agent told me it would be £1000 more than anticipated must have been priceless.

I almost sputtered my complimentary tea all over her desk,

It transpires that because I’m a solo adult, one of the children has to be counted as an adult and then there were supplements for under occupancy of the room, supplements for leaving from a Scottish airport and supplements for taking a bag with you.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if she said they also charge a supplement for passengers with peely wally skin.

So, my idea was scuppered and it looked like we were staying at home until a friend told me she had gone to a caravan site in Ayr with her kids and got a good deal during the summer.

I managed to get the break for a fraction of the price of going abroad and after finding out the complex had a pool with slides and entertainment for kids, the children were thrilled to be going.

I guess it doesn’t really matter where you take them, kids are just as happy in Ayr as Aruba.