Boys going to great lengths for challenge

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Alongside trying to increase recruitment, the BB is promoting its ‘Growing Bigger, Growing Better 1000K Challenge’.

Boys from any company can submit a report of any outdoor distance challenge they undertake.

The distances they travel will be added to those already recorded in an effort to reach 1000 kilometres, the length of Scotland.

These journeys can be on foot, by cycle, on horseback or indeed in any form which succeeded in getting boys into the great outdoors; something the BB has been doing for more than 100 years.

One local company I know of has already registered reports and photographs of a hill climb and a weekend expedition. Surely others can match 3rd Falkirk (People’s Church) and add to the total in this challenge. Details can be obtained from Niall at Carronvale HQ (01324) 562008.

The Battalion Company Section Committee met in Brightons on Monday, October 20. Battalion competitions all seem set to go: in drill, Christian faith, volleyball, table-tennis, badminton, swimming, first-aid, vaulting, cross-country, chess as well as others at the planning stage.

Things kick off with senior five-a-side football, seven teams playing a ‘round-robin’ in Grangemouth with other similar league and cup dates to follow.

With all the events planned, the convenors should be congratulated for their efforts which as well as promoting inter-company involvement also allow officers time to concentrate on the Christian fellowship of events within companies.

Congratulations to Battalion President Daniel Green and his family on his becoming a grandfather to young Lewis Daniel!

Congratulations also to the 11 local lads who attended the national Queen’s Badge Completion Course at Carronvale. Well done on attaining the award after many months of effort.