Boxing day shopping battle

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A spot of innocent Boxing Day online shopping ended up in a battle of wills for me.

To set the scene, when ordering online, I don’t pay for delivery. This is just one of my things, just like I don’t watch horror films or eat fruit after 6 p.m.

One of my favourite retailers, who I’m sure used to offer free delivery when you spent £30, was now offering to bring the goods to me, gratis, on offers over £50.

After popping what I wanted into my virtual basket, I had a spent grand total of £38.95.

Mmm, what else do I need? The trick is that you don’t want to spend too much, as, technically, you don’t need anything else.

What are the chances of finding something for exactly £11.05?

There were lots of things for £11, but that was no good as it left me an annoying 5p away from the elusive ‘FREE DEL’.

Obviously there were more expensive things, but I didn’t actually want any of this stuff.

An hour later, a wee voice in my head was having doubts, “Just pay the £3 delivery, Deborah, and don’t buy junk you don’t need.”

Forget it, I thought back, also dismissing the “free” option of ‘Click and Collect’ which wasn’t appealing 

Some 90 minutes later, I had decided on four more items - a cut-price scented candle (£7), a small sparkly gift bag (£1), paper napkins (£2) and some kind of utensil for the kitchen (£1.25 but was £7.50).

“You have qualified for free delivery,” announced the website.

Ha, ha, I thought, I win.

Now all I have to do is make a space for yet another candle, find a teeny present that will squeeze into the gift bag, and throw a dinner party to use the napkins and fancy cooking gadget!

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