Booking in for badge work

THE new book reader badge prompted a group of Beavers to take a trip to the library. With the introduction of the new syllabus youngsters from the 40th Falkirk were shown around the Hope Street building.

Sunday, 4th March 2018, 2:00 pm

Beaver leader Karen Smith said: “A huge thank you to Ruth who gave us a tour around the library - even the places ou don’t normally get to see.”

To gain the badge Beavers need to: Design a cover for their favourite book and tell their colony, lodge, Explorer Scout Young Leader or Beaver leader why this book is their favourite; read at least six books; show how to look after a book; and make a bookmark and explain what bookmarks are for.

MANY Explorers are doing their bit, helping with the younger sections.

Hopefully, as well as feeling great about volunteering they are also reaping the benefit of having their extra hours counted as part of their Duke of Edinburgh and/or Saltire Awards.

Each of the awards rewards young people for their hard work and with the Saltire all the voluntary hours count towards Young Scot reward points which could entitle the young person to a variety of prizes.

For more information go to: Duke of Edinburgh Awards:

Saltire Awards:

IT’S a chance to channel your inner Bear Grylls and learn all the skills you need to look after yourself in the outdoors with Scouts from all over Scotland.

Survival skills are on the menu at Meggernie, Glenlyon, in Perthshire, from March 23 to March 25.

All participants will learn loads of new skills, meeting the requirements for the Scout survival skills activity badge.

It will include spending one night in a shelter the Scouts build, and the other in a tent provided and 
erected by Meggernie staff.

Scouts will cook some of their own meals and the weekend will cover stage three of the Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge, time and weather permitting.

Meggernie’s Survival Skills camp is for Scouts aged 12 and over. Details from [email protected]