Bin barny has got me baffled

Stuart Barber
Stuart Barber

I cracked the three-bin, box and bucket routine years ago and a casual glance down my street on collection day suggests all my neighbours appear to have too.

Now I know the silver bucket for food is not a favourite with many - if any - householders but, that apart, the regime involving the other four receptacles seems to work pretty well.

That’s why I have to admit to being a bit baffled by all this talk about problems that are looming because one is going to be emptied every three weeks instead of two. Frankly, fears of fly-tipping and claims all sorts of the wrong kind of rubbish will be put in the wrong colour of bin and give the council’s recyling people headaches don’t make much sense to me.

Back in the day when we all had to be re-educated about the importance of having the rubbish mountain we create disposed of properly there was confusion about what went where and it was tempting just to lob everything into the wheelie scheduled to be lifted that week and hope that nobody would notice. There were also complaints the bucket men refused to empty a bin if the lid was up because it was so full – for health ’n’ safety reasons apparently – and some folk just refused point blank to haul their surplus garbage to the public tips at Roughmute or Kinneil simply because they reckoned their council tax paid for someone to do it for them.

However, thanks to everyone co-operating, such issues are in the past and in my view everyone co-operating with this new scheme, to be tried in Larbert before being rolled out across the district, will mean it will work as well.

Anyway, anyone really fearing the worst can always ask for a bigger bin.