Big occasions are leaving me cold at the moment

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.

IS it just me or are we, as a country, becoming immune to major events?

Even as a schoolboy I remember the excitement that surrounded the Queen’s Silver Jubilee back in 1977. Fast forward, 35 years and, north of the border at least, and the major debate seems to be whether or not we are getting an extra day’s holiday to soak up the sun.

I wasn’t around when London last hosted the Olympics but I certain it would have sparked more of an interest that it seems to be doing at the moment.

But it isn’t just those once-in-a-liftime occasions that are failing to ignite my passion.

In days gone by the I’d be counting down to a big football tournament but I’d be struggling to even tell you when Euro 2012 kicks off.

Wimbledon? Sometime during the summer I’m sure. The Open? A bit later than that I seem to recall.

Maybe the current economic climate has made us focus on our priorities or maybe it’s just that I now have a young family to occupy me during the summer months.

Hopefully, though, it’s just a case of delayed reaction and, when those major events do get under way, I’ll be glued to the TV just as I’ve always been.