Big changes for Infinity

Why can't Infinity just stay forever?
Why can't Infinity just stay forever?

Gymnastics is something I write about quite a lot, so I’m hoping by now that you’ll of realised it plays a huge role in my life. Ever since I joined Falkirk School of Gymnastics at the age of six, the goal has been to make it into the prestigious ‘Falkirk Infinity’, the senior display team the school runs.

Now, after six years of being a member, times are a-changing, and I’m sad to say Infinity is no more. Unfortunately due to some changes made by Scottish Gymnastics, it’s become almost impossible to run both Infinity and Infinity Junior as two separate clubs. Therefore, the decision has been made to de-badge the ‘Infinity’ name, and create one huge team, creatively called: ‘Falkirk School of Gymnastics Display Team’.

This has made me quite sad, not going to lie.

Not only has this team played such a big part in my life, but also a huge role in the lives of others, especially the girls I now call my closest friends. It’s hit all of us quite hard, some harder than others. The fact that we all had to retrial to get in left a few of the girls so annoyed and upset that they made the decision to leave, and whenever someone leaves, it breaks the team in two.

The thing I’m most terrified about is how our little ‘family’ may no longer exist, and even if it does, it won’t feel the same. We are Infinity, not just another display team.

I’m usually open to change, but this time, it’s just different.

I’m not saying to the new girls in the team (which, by the way, makes up the majority) that us big ones are going to completely ignore you, because that’s not the case at all. We may just take a while to adjust to these changes, and I promise, eventually we’ll be one massive, happy family.

Luckily for us older ones, everyone who trialled for the new team last night got in, and now our fingers are crossed for the girls who didn’t make training and have to trail separately. Hopefully, we’ll all get in.

It’s just such a shame that we’ll no longer, and never again will be Team Falkirk Infinity.