Beware of the children’s toys

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

Travelling to and from work is one of those necessary evils that we all have to do and often the only change is when there is disruption either on the roads or rails.

Motorists and pedestrians across the district are currently having to cope with huge upheaval as Network Rail carries out work in Larbert, Redding and Grangemouth, which, mixed in with upgrading by utility companies and improvements being carried out by Falkirk Council, can add time on to your journey – not good if you are already running late.

However, earlier this week I had to applaud the ingenuity of one woman who was literally bombing along the pavement on the Northern Distributor Road ... on a child’s scooter.

She seemed to be getting up quite a speed, but perhaps I can offer a word of caution.

A colleague on another newspaper was walking to pick up her youngest from school and, knowing how much he loved his scooter, decided to take it for him on the journey home.

Carrying it along proved too much of a temptation and she decided to have a wee shot ... only to come round surrounded by paramedics and anxious passers-by.

Yes, she had somehow managed to somersault off said scooter, knock herself out and ended up needing an operation to pin her ankle back together.

You almost wonder how children survive unscathed using such ‘dangerous’ toys. But perhaps it’s more a case of when they fall into the wrong hands that they prove a hazard.

Here’s hoping the new adventure playground being built in the Helix doesn’t provide too much temptation for adults.

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