Belly is bigger than my eyes

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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Eyes bigger than your belly’, however it seems in my case my belly may be bigger than my eyes.

One of the great perks of online shopping, particularly online clothes shopping, is that you can get items delivered to your door without any hassle.

And, in the days when people are urged to comment on purchases, you can even read reviews of your outfit.

Having found a beautiful wee number – at an even more beautiful price – last week, I was eager to press the purchase button after reading rave reviews of the dress’ colour, fit and length.

There were a few who opined that it was a little “big made”, with some shoppers suggesting that I should buy a smaller size than usual.

I had been bitten by the Bond bug earlier in the week which involved seeing the excellent ‘Skyfall’, followed by my own home cinema viewing of ‘Casino Royale’.

Gambling and hoping for the best clearly encouraged me to order a smaller size, so when it arrived I (nervously) tried it on.

Zip went up a bit, so far so good, but then it stopped.

Mmm, breathe in, try again, perhaps using a bit more pull on the pesky zip.

No, it wasn’t going up, and I seemed to have sprained my arm in the process.

Sending it back, I humbly ticked the ‘too small’ box on the returns form.

Maybe nothing beats physical clothes shopping, where you can struggle with a zip and admit defeat in private.

Or maybe one shouldn’t eat two large bags of popcorn in two days during a James Bond movie marathon.

Overeating and optimistic dress shopping rarely go hand in hand.

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