Being fitter in 2020 is aim for this Falkirk gran

The Christmas tree may still be up – but not for much longer – while the fridge and cupboards are still brimming with food, but it’s almost time to say goodbye to the 2019 
festive period and look forward to what 2020 has to hold.

Will it be any different from previous years? Probably not, but it will be filled with me promising to cut down on my food intake and do more exercise.

Like so many people every January I adopt the ‘new year, new me’ mantra ... and I’m lucky if it’s still with me by Burns Night!

But this year I’m determined to stick with it.

And I’m going to do that by not setting my expectations too high.

I remember the occasion that I planned to run a marathon. I reckoned that if I followed one of those running timetables by the time the event came round I would be raring to go.

Suffice to say that to this day the nearest I’ve ever got to a marathon is one of those chocolate bars they now call Snickers!

As the target was to complete 26 miles, the timetable was quite intense and after the first week it was too easy to find an excuse.

“Tomorrow night” became “next week” and, well I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

I’ve signed up for gym memberships which, if I used them, wouldn’t have seemed expensive but they certainly were when my daily visit became weekly and then fortnightly ...

Honestly, I’m my own worst enemy but this year it will be different.

How you ask? Well I’m going to have a whole new mind set.

A special birthday fast approaching made me realise that I’m only two years younger than my father was when he died.

Although I was a married mum-of-two at that time, I still thought my dad was old.

Now I’m not so sure.

I don’t feel old. In fact, I don’t even feel middle aged and I certainly want to see my grandchildren grow up, hopefully meeting my great-grandchildren.

But if I continue to eat all the wrong things, find excuses to avoid exercise and don’t cut down on my favourite tipple then that might not be the case.

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy good health but it certainly was a wake up when I realised the age comparison with my dad.

Of course, my mother, bless her, is still going strong and rapidly approaching her 90th year. Hopefully, I’ve got her genes but just to be on the save side, I’m going to definitely ensure that I take some form of exercise daily – even if it is only taking the stairs at work, eating more healthy food and cutting down (sob!) on the fizz.

It may be the start of another decade but I want to ensure that I see plenty more and if it is only a few changes then that’s fine by me.

I’ll now be tracking my steps every day and hoping to reach my 10,000 target most of the time.

By this time next year I may not be a svelte, athletic goddess – definitely no chance! – but hopefully I’ll be a bit leaner and healthier.

Anyone care to join me in my new regime?