Being a mamil isn’t painful

Scott McAngus
Scott McAngus

I am now officially a big fan of the padded bum brigade.

No, I haven’t suddenly developed a massive behind or anything, I’ve just become a ‘mamil’ as my girlfriend gleefully informed me.

In a bid to get fitter I’ve taken up cycling and am really enjoying it, especially now that The Kelpies and Helix Park are both open.

My usual routes are pedalling from Langlees up to the Forth & Clyde Canal at the back of the Rosebank Beefeater and on up to The Falkirk Wheel.

From there I go up to the Union Canal and follow that down to Brightons or Polmont and come off the towpath and head through Helix Park and home.

On a sunny day or night it’s a fantastic cycle, usually about 14 or 15 miles, which is a good wee run out.

Due to my new-found love of cycling I decided to take it a bit more seriously and purchase some cycling gear to look and feel the part.

I got a new lightweight hi-vis jacket, a couple of breathable t-shirts, lights for the front and back of the bike, gloves and – drum roll please – a pair of tight, black lycra cycling trousers with a padded bum.

Karen asked me to take a picture of myself in my new get-up so I duly obliged, obviously still excited at my new look when I happily snapped a selfie of myself in the mirror.

Her reply was, through her hearty laughter, that I was indeed a mamil – an acronym for middle-aged man in lycra. That knocked the wind out of my pedals a bit.

However, I couldn’t be more happy with my new slim, aerodynamic clothing. When I cycled before my backside was killing me after a long cycle, but now, I’m not walking like John Wayne any more.

I may be a mamil but I’m not a sore one.

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