Become part of a guide dog’s life

Spring the guide dog
Spring the guide dog

At this time of year we eagerly look for signs of spring approaching, such as lambs leaping in fields.

A puppy in a basket isn’t your traditional iconic image we relate with this season – but please meet Spring.

Spring is a guide dog who is now nearly five-years-old, but at one point was this adorable puppy in a basket.

She was named by a group who raised £5000 for the charity and is now a working guide dog for someone who is blind or partially sighted and ensures her owner has independence and mobility.

The group which named Spring gave an absolutely incredible gift and we are so grateful to the people who raised funds and those who donated. As a result of their help we have been able to change a life.

It is not just Spring who is a life changer, but also those who helped raise the funds to name her.

Guide Dogs trains over 800 dogs with new blind or partially sighted owners each year and with no government support the charity relies entirely on public donations for this service.

Our Name a Puppy scheme invites groups, companies and individuals to make an incredible gift or to fund raise to support a pup through their first training stage, which we call Puppy Walking.

Through the Name a Puppy scheme you don’t just have the opportunity to name one of the adorable pups, but for £5000 you will also hear about their adventure as a guide dog puppy and meet the pup too!

Don’t just look for signs of spring this month, take inspiration from Guide Dogs’ puppy Spring and help change a life like she has.

We’re continuing to celebrate 50 years of Guide Dogs in Scotland, which all began with the opening of the Forfar Training School in 1965. Since then, we’ve helped change the lives of thousands of people with sight loss across Scotland.

Public generosity has made it all happen. As the guide dogs service doesn’t receive any government funding, we rely on our dedicated fundraisers, supporters, and the goodwill of members of the public.

Businesses, community groups, and schools also raise invaluable funds, and our Name a Puppy scheme is a popular way of supporting our services for people with sight loss.

It’s a great way of helping to create another life-changing guide dog partnership and keep involved with the puppy’s development all the way through training.

If you are interested to find out more about Guide Dogs’ Name a Puppy scheme, please contact us on or call 0118 983 0190.

We’re also online at or visit our Facebook page at guidedogsscotland.