Beancross’ two out of three gets 10 out of 10

The new lunch menu at Beancross is fantastic value
The new lunch menu at Beancross is fantastic value
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I’ve never been disappointed when dining out at the Beancross, so when the the call went for out someone to test their new lunch menu my hand was first up.

Then I was told I’d be trying the healthy option, offering two dishes for just £5.75.

30/07/13. John Devlin. GRANGEMOUTH, The Beancross.  rest.  review. Ct. Chralie Barr. (CH)

30/07/13. John Devlin. GRANGEMOUTH, The Beancross. rest. review. Ct. Chralie Barr. (CH)

What can I expect for that price, I wondered. A couple of lettuce leaves and half a tomato.

As it turned out I shouldn’t have worried. I returned to the office having eaten my fill and, on this occasion, healthy certainly did not equal tasteless!

Accompanying me were my wife Pauline and four-year-son Calum, and, while they went slightly off piste with their selections, it was still a value-for-money lunch out.

Along with the Food Love’s Lunch Menu we had come to try, we were presented with the three courses for £10 selections, another great deal from the Beancross.

We didn’t have the time to work our way through that one on this occasion but will definitely sample it in the future, with the cajun chicken already having been recommended to us,

Although they don’t feature on the menu, our attentive waiter said he’d be happy to subsitute the salad for a side order of chips if we wanted and that option certainly found favour with Pauline.

Perfectly cooked, they formed the ideal accompaniment to her sweet chilli wrap. Stuffed full of chicken, peppers, red onion and, of course, sweet chilli sauce the dish got the thumbs up from the other side of the table, as if the empty plate wasn’t indication enough.

I’m usually a fan of anything served between two slices of bread but, on this occasion, I chose to forego the sandwiches in favour of a soup and salad combo.

Thick, fresh and tasty, the tomato and pepper soup was as far removed from the tinned varieties as you’re likely to find, while the chicken, orange and walnut salad was a revelation.

Sure I got my lettuce and tomato, but also tender chunks of chicken and juicy orange segments, all topped off with the satisfying crunch of walnuts. Who needs chips when you can get a salad like that!

From the children’s menu, Calum was tempted away from the hot dog and chips by the waiter’s praise for the homemade chicken nuggets. Most definitely not from the freezer, they were polished off big style and while he tucked into his ice cream I took the chance to sample a latte from the Beancross’ new Starbucks range.

A perfect way to finish a perfect meal!

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