Beach trip left me feeling chilled

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

I know it is hardly original - but in this week’s column, I’m going to have a wee moan about the weather.

I appreciate we live in Scotland and can’t expect tropical conditions but this summer has been horrendous, even for Scottish standards.

My summer sandals have lain unworn since my summer holiday and I can’t remember when I last hung my washing outside to dry.

Most of June and July has felt more like autumn and my heating has never been off, it’s depressing.

Many trips planned with my grandchildren have not come to fruition thanks to the driving rain and howling wind but last weekend we decided to go ahead with out trip regardless of the weather.

I said I would take them to North Berwick to enjoy the beach and sample an ice cream in the pretty costal town.

But come Saturday, the wind was battering against the window and the rain was that grey drizzling type that turns your hair into a frizzy mess.

Jack and Sophie were adamant they wanted to go, so we packed up the car with anoraks, wellies and changes of socks and headed to the beach.

After 90 minutes of the standard “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” routine, we arrived at the beach and it was absolutely freezing. The wind was nearing gale force and I quickly discovered our anoraks were not warm enough for this adventure and I kicked myself for not bringing gloves.

That is right readers, I wished I had packed gloves for a trip to the beach in July.

At least the weather meant we had the beach practically to ourselves and the kids enjoyed themselves, they were finding shells and stones and looking for crabs.

After we went into town, but instead of ice cream we opted for warming cups of tea for me and hot chocolate for them followed by fish and chips.

It was a lovely day trip and one we would have missed out on if I’d let the weather win.

Forget the weather is an ethos I’m going to have to adopt or I’ll never get to do anything fun with the kids.

After all, as my hill walking friend always tells me – there is no such things as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

So looks like I might need to stock up on woolly socks and hats to get through August!