Be sure to think of the consequences

Maureen Kennedy
Maureen Kennedy

Some people go through life without a thought for the consequences of what they do or don’t do.

But how often do you kick yourself because you just didn’t think anything could go wrong?

We all have to learn from our mistakes and young people certainly have lots to learn, but sometimes you get to a fair age and find you can still lapse and live to regret it.

If you are regularly late for work, don’t phone in when you are sick and do not do your job properly, you are likely to be in trouble. But time and time again, people head straight to disciplinary procedures and sometimes dismissal because they never think it will come to that. You have to live by the rules. Employers have more choices than you do these days.

In relationships, one or other partner might think they will get away with ‘straying’ but it’s a small world, your sins have a way of being round out and forgiveness of unfaithfulness is a big ask.

But still people think they will get away with it and families break up because of a fleeting indiscretion.

You can’t afford something that you really want and are tempted to just take it either from a shop or from someone’s house. You don’t stop to think that stealing is a crime, there are CCTV cameras everywhere and you will end up with a criminal record. Most employers ask if you have any criminal convictions. How likely do you think you are to get another job?

You think that you will be okay to drive even if you have ‘only’ had a couple of drinks. You think that it’s only other people who will get stopped and breathalysed.

Truth is, it could be you and you could lose your licence and when you get it back, it will be on your record and your car insurance will soar. Doesn’t a bus or taxi sound a better option? It could be a case of anti-social behaviour through drink which again could lead to trouble with the police.You speak your mind without thinking and end up offending people or you know that if you drink too much you will embarrass yourself.

There are many things that people do that lead to trouble. All I would say is, just think before you speak, do or react. It could save you a lot of trouble.

Happy New Year everyone!