BB Notes: Still relevant in 21st century Scotland

According to the Glasgow Herald recently, most men of a certain age can rhyme off three numbers from their youth '“ their first car's registration, their mother's Co-op dividend number and their BB Company number.

The point was made as the writer had been invited to the presentation of the Queen’s Badges to the boys of the Glasgow Battalion.

In wondering if the BB was now outdated, he left at the end of the day having seen 90 young men receive their awards realising this highest award was hard earned in anything but outdated ways.

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The award, which challenges recipients, engages them in meaningful ways within the community, their church and Company as well as stretching personal targets through skills development and training.

So too in this area, part of the Mid-Scottish District, 33 BB teenagers were on parade in Dunfermline on June 5 where certificates were presented in Dunfermline Abbey by Deputy Lord Lieutenant Fiona Robertson after a parade led by BB bands from 4th Dunfermline and 1st Tulliallan.

A day to remember for officers, parents and boys and the captains from 2nd Larbert (Old Church), 1st Polmont (Brightons Church), 4th Falkirk (Trinity Church) and 1st Denny & Dunipace (Westpark Church) were to the fore although there may have been others as indeed there were boys from other local companies.

Going back to the Herald reporter above, he noted the hats no longer had whitened stripes and the belts required no vigorous buffing with buckle polishing but commented like the challenges faced by the Queensmen, things had moved on to keep the BB still very relevant today, helping to put structure into young people’s lives which, like the BB anchor, will give foundation to help prevent future drift.

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