BB Notes: Recruitment drive for the upcoming session

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Before the new session in August, many companies will have their own ways of publicising their activities but some may struggle to put together recruitment campaigns.

With this in mind captains have received a circular entitled One for All. By signing up each company will receive updates and find out more about the resources available to help with recruiting. The aim of the campaign is to increase BB membership.

This challenge is for each section to grow its membership by at least one member. Often that is about retaining existing numbers. It’s about focusing on how best to keep young people engaged and sharing what we find best. In theory the aims should not be too onerous for the Boys’ Brigade offers so much – the chance to excel in new skills or talents, to explore and discover new things and the opportunity to grow in Christian faith.

The campaign hopes to highlight how to welcome, recruit and retain new volunteers effectively.

One or two new faces can make it easier to offer new activities, encourage leaders and the general fellowship within the wider family of the church and community.

Local experiences and those picked up from others will enhance the BB overall.

‘Wear the Badge’ and you will find it opens conversations with complete strangers. This week the IT technician arriving at my door to ‘sort’ my broadband, on seeing ‘the anchor’, poured out his previous involvement with 1st Muiravonside and 1st Polmont and how the best BB camp ever was with his mates at Kinghorn.

Now a family man, he had helped with the computer of Stedfast member Jim Goldie. It really is a small world in the family of the BB just as I mentioned a week or so ago also across the generations.