BB Notes: Christian-based ethics are at core of BB message

It seems some of my copy makes reference to articles in the national press and, again, I find myself doing so, having read in The Scotsman letters about the Boys' Brigade.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 3rd July 2016, 12:00 pm

A correspondent there advocates that, if the BB cannot abandon religion, it should be disbanded as activities undertaken by the BB can be done just as well, or even better, without the baggage of religion.

The object of the Boys’ Brigade is the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom amongst boys and the promotion of obedience, reverence, discipline and self-respect and all that tends towards true Christian manliness.

Not just ‘baggage’ of (some) religion but two specific references to Christianity and, as to his certainty that such Christianity should not be ‘imposed’ on five-year-olds, then perhaps he also follows the ethos that such young children should be unguided in moral and social standards which have evolved in our society over centuries based on Christian teachings.

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Subsequent respondents said it is the absence of such Christian traits in society that appear to be at the root of many of today’s problems.

Would that we could influence more young men as the generations before have been influenced.

More power to the volunteers I write of week by week which, with the full approval of parents, mould their sons, by way of structured training, as they progress in understanding of the parallels of good citizenship and self discipline and Christian objectives.

Having no grounding in such fellowship and structure leads inevitably to indiscipline, the very essence of that which society deplores; the very circumstances William Smith saw in boys around him in Glasgow in 1883 and set about so successfully rectifying then and now, in his successors.