Battalion's best wishes in retirement

In the 1970s a young man from 72nd Glasgow (Trinity, Duke Street) became part of the Glasgow overspill and moved to Denny and joined 1st Denny & Dunipace Company (Westpark Church) under Captain John Marshall.

Around then, 1st Haggs Company (Haggs Church) had Donald McLachlan in charge, a ‘‘weel kent’’ face in local BB circles. However, following his death the company was in decline but the young officer from Glasgow transferred from Denny to Haggs in 1981 and revived BB interest there.

To help, he approached a similarly relocated neighbour in Denny to become involved and soon she too was a regular in the Juniors.
The rest, as they say, is history and he became a stalwart not only in that company but serving the Falkirk & District Battalion in many capacities, hardly ever missing any scheduled meetings.

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His assistant, no doubt encouraged by his example, was similarly involved and was a diligent battalion treasurer for many years. Not too many local officers regularly attended the annual Brigade Council which moved around the UK but both these BB enthusiasts year on year took part at this gathering and then reporting back to this battalion.
Captain Ernie Firth became synonymous with 1st Haggs and Morag Wales with its Junior Section and it was my privilege to attend their parents’ night, visit them at camps and serve with them on organisational teams.

Over the last decade Morag has served in producing TurnaBBouT, the alternative worship event, now one of the biggest BB gatherings in the country. Such activities and enthusiasm became part of their lives and those of their families but last Saturday Ernie stood down from his BB involvement at his company’s parents’ night in Bankier School and he and Morag attended their final executive meeting a couple of days before. Enjoy the new chapter in your lives after nearly 80 years combined BB service, well remembered by generations of young men influenced in their Christian witness.

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