Battalion and companies in full swing

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Battalion council held in the People’s Church hall on September 29, heard that the battalion was in good order financially and in terms of programme.

It will again be possible for these central funds to subsidise companies in keeping contributions towards running costs lower.

A new constitution revised in line with the up to date Brigade regulations is now all but ready to go to press.

A programme of training for the session was also approved. A new competition for the battalion was held at Carronvale House on September 28 in the form of adapted basketball.

Ten teams took part which led to intense competition due to the short turnabout between games. The event was closely contested from the beginning.

The runaway winner of the senior competition was 1st Polmont (Brightons Church), followed by 1st Falkirk (Grahamston United Church) and 2nd Larbert (Old Church).

The junior tussle was a closer affair with 1st Denny and Dunipace (Westpark Church) coming out on top with 1st Larbert (West Church) and 2nd Larbert in pursuit.

Thanks are due to the referees from 1st Polmont whose efforts over the two hours were unrelenting! Battalion vice-president Sandy Forsyth from 4th Falkirk (Trinity Church) tells me of a harvest celebration he held for his boys recently.

It came to light that not everyone understood why, when they were relatively well looked after, there was the need for donations to be made to foodbanks.

After examples of where, due to circumstances, income for families varied, help from friends was appreciated.

The message must have rung true for three of the boys used their pocket money and asked to earn some extra by doing odd jobs so they could be taken shopping for items suggested on the foodbank list.

A good Christian ethic of stewardship.