From the Barber’s chair: No reason to feel blue!

Apparently Monday, January 21, was the day to stay in bed and maintain a low profile to avoid post-Christmas blues.

By Stuart Barber
Thursday, 24th January 2019, 1:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019, 2:29 pm

The chance of you being down in the dumps was high because the week started with ‘‘Blue Monday’’, supposedly the most depressing day of the year as, amongst other things, you were likely to be looking at, probably in disbelief, your latest bank statement showing a low balance or high overdraft, the punishing result of having the nerve to celebrate the holiday properly.

While you may well have been convinced at the time you were doing the right thing, when the realisation you overplayed your Santa card dawns, it can all come as a bit of a blow and, perhaps not surprisingly, leave you feeling distinctly below par.

Money worries are enough to leave many of us buckling at the knees at any time of the year, but I suppose when you add the lousy January weather to the mix, the fact you are carrying a few pounds too many and long discarded your New Year resolutions, it 
looks like a recipe for disaster.

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According to psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall, January 21 gives us all the reasons we need to be glum, but he says we should focus on using the first month of the new year to make the changes in our lives that will make a positive difference instead.

He says January is the month to make big decisions.

That’s the spirit!

The health charity Mind insist there is no scientific basis for Blue Monday and labelled it a myth.

It rightly points out that those living with depression know these feelings are not dictated by the date and should be taken seriously all year round.

The Samaritans renamed Monday ‘‘Brew Monday’’ and, at events across the country, offered people feeling low cups of tea and the chance to talk.

Health experts suggest exercise, a change of diet and cutting back on alcohol will all help us get through the first month of the year in a solid frame of mind.

Me? I’m just going to knuckle down and stop spending for a few 

The exercise ‘‘thing’’ might come into play as well, as soon as I raise the cash to buy the bike I’ve had my eye on for a 

Just as likely, I’ll probably pop into the travel agent in the high street and pick up a few brochures to cheer myself up.

There’s nothing like having a plan to get you through the winter and planning a summer break seems to me one of the best ways to go – red numbers on the bank statement or not!