Bad things do come in threes

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They say bad things happen in threes.

After the week I’ve just had I can testify that this saying is, despairingly, 100 per cent true.

Crash! The brakes on my car went. I wasn’t involved in a collision but there was a large dent - in my bank balance. I put the car, which my daughter lovingly calls ‘Turbo’, into a garage thinking it would only be about 80 quid at the most.

It was more than double at £165 because I needed pads and discs.

Bang! The next morning the battery totally died and it wouldn’t start. Not even a whimper. New battery required, another £80.

Not having a car also meant it was a bit of a palaver getting the battery to the car to fit it. This involved me cycling to an autoparts store to get a new one, put it in my rucksack and pedalling home to Langlees.

Being a desk jockey now meant that was some shift. My back is still killing me and some acid leaked out of it ruining a good pair of trousers.

Could things get any worse in one week? Oh yes.

Wallop! I got another unexpected £90 bill and, on top of the £245 for car repairs, it left me totally penniless. In fact, I had to borrow money as well as give up my ticket to see Micky Flanagan at The Playhouse last Friday.

However, there is a silver lining. Being skint forced me to think of ways to entertain my daughter at the weekend with something that involved little or no expenditure.

And I did.

We had a great time out on our bikes, at Callendar House exploring all the free exhibitions - which she loved, and then playing down in Langlees Community Woodland and at the new public art sculpture there. It just shows that all you need is a little imagination - and free community facilities - to adapt.