Back to basics for Beavers

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WHEN it comes to the latest gadgetry look no further than a Scout group in Falkirk.

Forget the newest technological innovations, the young people at the 41st St Francis Xavier made their invention from a load of staves, a ball of string and a bit of old fashioned know how.

One of the challenges from the recent District Flag competition was to make a stave chariot.

So, not to be outdone by their counterparts at the 93rd, 27th and 5th, the 41st Scouts went to Dollar Park and built their own.

And just to prove it worked, one brave soul ‘‘volunteered’’ to be carried across the park.

WITH the end of the spring term rapidly approaching quite a few members are finding their arms and chests are filling up with a number of badges.

For the youngsters who are moving sections it’s a time to discover if they have achieved everything to gain their bronze, silver, gold, diamond or platinum Chief Scout award.

The new requirement for the Beavers to achieve their bronze is to have taken part in a nighs away.

Therefore it was an exciting time for 10 Beavers from the 27th Bonnybridge when, laden with their rucksacks and sleeping bags, they set up camp at Denny Scout Hall.

For many it was their first night away from home without family members.

But after learning a few new games, creating crazy patterns with hammer beads, having supper and watching a film, they all settled down to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Beaver leader Margaret Plank, said: “The Beavers did brilliantly considering not many had been on a sleepover before.

“I was very happy to present them with their bronze Chief Scout award.”

And while the youngest members of the 27th were in Denny, the Scouts were on an overnighter at Barrwood.

They were joined by North Star Explorers who were camping before kayaking the following morning.

It was also an early opportunity for three of the older Scouts to join them at their campfire ahead of joining the group.