Bachelor boy is my guilty secret

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Everyone should have a wee guilty pleasure.

Mine, at the moment, is Channel 5’s ‘The Bachelor’.

For those who haven’t yet indulged, the reality series follows Spencer Matthews who’s looking for love.

I think the aforementioned Spencer was a star of ‘Made in Chelsea’, but thankfully this show was not one of my guilty pleasures.

Anyway, his, um eh, good looks and charm have attracted a load of young women to battle for his affection.

The same show was on last year, when Gavin Hensen, following his split from the beautiful and talented Charlotte Church, appeared looking for a girlfriend and maybe a wife.

I was addicted, and now, history is repeating itself.

After being completely disappointed by ‘50 Shades of Gray’ and due to a distinct lack of Friday night events, there was no choice but to tune in.

Spencer is now down to five girls he is considering as a potential partner.

Poor Matthews was recently in tears when he said goodbye to a 29-year-old stunner who “he liked, but couldn’t see a future with”.

I wonder if, over a decade ago, when reality TV and the obsession with elimination took off, anyone could have predicted a man picking a wife from a group of 30-odd women.

Back then, Big Brother was just getting going when contestants who did not impress their peers were eliminated from “the house” one by one.

Even when the Weakest Link was ultra popular, people were initially shocked by the cruel way team-mates voted each other off.

But for lonely Spencer, his somewhat crass and cringe-worthy love search continues, and I’ll be right there with him.