‘Baby brain’ is taking its toll

Jennifer Marjoribanks
Jennifer Marjoribanks

After almost 11 months maternity leave, I am back behind my desk at Herald Towers.

I’d only been here for a couple of hours last week and already it felt like I’d never been away! Changes to the computer system are keeping me on my toes though, and I am having to try really hard not to forget things.

I always thought ‘baby brain’ was just an excuse for being a bit ditzy (and perhaps it is!) but since having Fraser last August, I have been having even more blonde moments than ever! No matter how important the task is, I just can’t seem to remember to do it. For example, Fraser’s passport. We are heading to Mexico soon for a family holiday to celebrate my mother and father-in-law’s 40th wedding anniversary.

From the minute the trip was booked back in October, Brian has been nagging me to send off for Fraser’s passport. I started off well, getting the photos taken back in March and then filling in the form all ready for someone to countersign it and post it off.

Except I forgot all about it until three weeks ago when I came across the form. On taking it to the Post Office, we were told to expect a six-week wait to get it back ... and we only had five weeks till our flight!

I spent the next few days thinking my fortnight in the sun was looking less and less likely.

Thankfully, after just 10 days, the passport arrived. The poor courier seemed a little taken aback by my excitement!

I’ve now started setting a series of alarms for all significant events - whether it’s the dentist or just remembering to put the bin out, I will have a little bleep to remind me, as long as I can remember which beep is for what!