Australian final exhausted me!

Pic Michael Gillen 28/04/2009. Deborah Punshon. Deborah Fox.
Pic Michael Gillen 28/04/2009. Deborah Punshon. Deborah Fox.

Ihave to say hats off to Andy Murray.

If you tuned in to Sunday’s Australian Open final, you’ll know what a fight he put up trying to take the title off the machine-like Novak Djokovic.

It was an excellent match – a true test of strength, stamina, focus and ability.

It was my test, however, to see how many house-
hold chores I could actually accompish while not 
taking my eyes off the TV for almost four hours.

After all, one cannot possibly do nothing 
during the best part of the day.

So I ironed everything I own in front of the TV, alphabeticalised my DVD drawer (conveniently located right under the TV), dusted and polished all furniture within the general TV vacinity, and repeatedly fluffed up the cushions.

When people say they were exhausted just watching the game, I can completely sympathise.

But despite all the fun I had that Sunday morning, I would have much rather preferred to be in Oz.

I used to be a dedicated Wimbledon-only fan, and never really bothered with the other tournaments.

To me, nothing compared to the lush green grass, the slight snootiness, and the way the commentators filled the time during endless rain delays.

Who needed the sun-soaked clay and concrete courts of the French and Australian Open.

But now I’m a complete convert and can’t get enough of them.

Andy Murray may have been defeated but he was a true champion.

It was great to hear him say how much he had enjoyed what is fast becoming a tournament to be reckoned with in tennis, and certainly one that looks a bit more fun than the All England Club.