Argh! It’s chick flick time again

James Trimble.
James Trimble.

The wife has urged me to take her out to the pictures for Valentines.

Seems there’s this romantic film she is desperate to see.

I still feel guilty for not taking her to see that tearjearker where Gerard Butler sends a lassie letters from beyond the grave and has her running all over Ireland.

My ideal film would have Gerard Butler kicking someone down a bottomless pit, involve at least two big car chases, a fight sequence in a pub and one on a rooftop, a minimum of five gunfights and a scene where the hero tells an authority figure to shove it.

Romance can be found anywhere - even in my film collection.

A lot of people would say ‘Ghost’ or ‘Dirty Dancing’ are Patrick Swayze’s most romantic films, but ‘Road House’ has its moments too.

Sure Pat beats up over a dozen baddies to a rocking Jeff Healey soundtrack and then rips out a henchman’s throat, but he also captures the heart of the nice lady doctor. There’s a message for everyone in ‘Road House’.

If you ignore the Nazis and snakes, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ is essentially a love story about Henry Jones Jnr trying to rekindle his romance with old flame Marion Ravenwood, while ‘Robocop’ deals with a policeman injured in the line of duty striving to reconnect with his wife and son. It could be a true movie.

The ultimate love story is not 1970 film ‘Love Story’, but 1988’s ‘Die Hard’ with John McClane working overtime to win back his estranged wife Holly.

Anyway I’ll give this new chick flick a try, maybe there will be a spot of violence in it.

This ‘50 Shades of Grey’ sounds soppy, but it has to be better than ‘Twilight’.