Argentina’s star still on the rise

Wine, wonderful wine
Wine, wonderful wine

Argentina is famous for its rich, red malbec and has come to epitomise the delicious damson aromas and soft, velvety flavours that seduce wine lovers fond of an intense, fruity style.

So much so, the recent World Malbec Day saw more than 70 events taking place in 50 countries around the world to celebrate Argentina’s flagship grape. Quite a triumph when you consider these wines are relatively new on the scene and were out of reach 20 years ago.

Originally a French varietal that’s now found primarily in Cahors and a major grape in south west blends, malbec also thrives in other New World regions outside of Argentina

With this in mind, here are some suggestions...

Vignobles Roussellet Malbec, France (£4.39, Aldi) is a cheap and cheerful malbec that speaks with a French accent.

From the west coast, north of Cape Town, Kumala Reserve Malbec 2014, Swartland, South Africa (£8.99, Tesco) is an easygoing style.Not as opulent and full bodied as its Argentinian cousins, it displays mellow blackberry and brambly fruit and if you love a merlot, then this is the malbec for you.