The appliance of science

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 31st March 2019, 4:00 pm

SCIENTISTS of the future revealed their prowess with a magnifying glass when they started working on a new badge. The youngsters from the 16th Laurieston were put through their paces, carrying out a variety of experiments for the scientist badge.

Among the challenges they face in completing the badge are discovering reactions, such as seeing how vinegar reacts with different items and explain what happens or find out what happens when salt is added to water.

There is also a challenge to create a basic electrical circuit that includes a switch or set up a wormery or ant colony. Plus cubs can investigate what happens to their pulse rate before, during and after exercise.

16th Laurieston Cubs get to grips with science

And because inclusion is part and parcel of all badges each young person who participates in the programme should face a similar degree of challenge, with requirements being adapted according to each young person’s abilities.

A SEARCH has been launched to find and recruit volunteers to join new project teams to deliver the Scouts Association’s Skills for Life plan.

Last year the five-year Skills for Life plan to prepare better futures in Scotland was launched. Projects are now being worked on to deliver the plan.

And to make it happen volunteers with a breadth of skills, knowledge and experience are needed, especially if you have skills and practical experience in one of the strategy areas of programme, people or perception.

The aim is to find great communicators, who are highly organised, self-motivated and can work well with others. Most important of all, you must be passionate about how Scouts can prepare better futures for young people.

The project areas are:

Youth Involvement – giving young people the chance to take on leadership responsibilities and shape their scouting experiences.

Skills and training - to ensure adult volunteers have the support they need to continue to deliver quality experiences for young people.

Growth - to improve the retention of members and recruitment of young people and adults.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can note your interest by April 22. Go to: