Anniversary plans are sure to stir memories

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I’m sure recent photographs in this paper of 1st Camelon (then of St John’s Church) stirred a few memories, ahead of their 125th anniversary dinner tomorrow on Friday.

In my case it was of a namesake uncle who went on to be a Flying Squad driver with the Metropolitan Police.

Congratulations also to our young ‘‘brothers’’ in the Cub Scouts seen celebrating their centenary at the Kelpies in last week’s issue.
Although the Boys’ Brigade was formed some 24 years before the Scouts, the (then Wolf) Cubs predate the Boy Reserves of the BB (later Life Boys and Juniors) which who were not formed until 1917 due, in part, to the resolve of the founder, Sir William Alexander Smith, that BB would only be for 12 year olds upward, a rule he stringently enforced. It was not till after his death in 1914, that the Boy Reserves of the Boys’ Brigade were formed. The name Life Boys, the Junior Reserve of the Boys’ Brigade, was not adopted till 1926 when an amalgamation with the Boys’ Life Brigade took place. That name remained in place until 1966 when it was changed to the Junior Section of the Boys’ Brigade. 2017 will not only mark the centenary of the ‘Juniors’ but also that of the Falkirk and District Battalion of the Boys’ Brigade.

On the subject of the founding of the BB, there will again be a short service in St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh on the anniversary, October 4 at noon. All welcome – please wear BB uniform.

A new battalion competition this session will be an adapted form of basketball. This will be held at Carronvale House on Wednesday, September 28, and entries by email should be made to no later than September 27.

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