An interesting way to spend a night out

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

Remaining stone-cold sober on a night out while friends are enjoying the odd tipple of two is something everyone should experience at some point.

Not only do you wake up with a clear head, but you also have a chance to witness a world many people only see through beer goggles.

I had just such an experience on Friday night and, while there was drunken debauchery, there was still plenty of opportunity to indulge in one of my favourist pastimes – people watching.

A familar sight as we entered the wee small hours was the man – and invariably it was a man – who, through a combination of drink and tiredness began to nod off. It wasn’t unlike a person falling asleep on a train, except the senses which usually spark them into consciousness before any contact with an inanimate object were dulled and hence it took a collision with a pint glass to jolt them back into life.

Then there was one of my favourites, the drunk desparately trying to prove he still retains full control of his faculties. Swaying his way past imaginary objects, he’s eventually undone when trying to get through the wrong side of a door.

Ah yes, all great fun ... until you’re called upon to carry out taxi duties.