All wrapped up in an early start to the festive season

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I headed into town to return a roll of wallpaper at the weekend ... and returned with my first Christmas present bought and festive tunes ringing in my ears.

Yes, like it or not, the cogs of the Yuletide machine have very definitely started turning and there’s going to be no let-up until the big day finally 

I’m a big fan of Christmas but I’ve always refused to embrace it until I’ve devoured the first chocolate in my Advent calendar.

These days, however, that’s becoming more and more difficult.

The annual debate over whether we should have a real or artificial tree has been and gone (a real one, pine needles and all, again) and arrangements are in place for Christmas and Boxing Day meals.

And with it being pay day today, I anticipate I’ll be manoeuvred in the direction of the shops once again this weekend, but this time armed with a list of presents that need bought.

We’ll hum and haw over what to get, debating the virtues of every gift, and return to each shop three or four times before eventually buying everyone the same as last year ... except in a different colour.

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